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We operate globally, with our HQ in Utrecht – The Netherlands’ most central city and vibrant hub. We’re proud to work with a wide array of amazing and satisfied clients, in over 4 continents, representing unique, high quality artists. 
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13-16 Sep European Jazz Netword Conference, Lisbon
4-7 Oct Fira Mediterrània de Manresa, Spain
24-28 Oct WOMEX, Las Palmas Canary Islands
13-16 Nov Mundial Montreal, Canada

Thank you for a fantastic full summer! 

Thanks to clients and partners, the artists and festival teams for realizing such high quality events and amazing concerts! Including Roskilde with Bitori, WOMAD UK with Miroca Paris, Welcome To The Village with Akua Naru and many more.


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28-31 May IOMMA conference & Sakifo Festival, La Reunion island
11-15 July MAPAS conference, Tenerife

LIVE Dorota Miśkiewicz ft Miroca Paris
‘Caminho para Evora’
Gdynya, Poland – 21 July 2018

Renowned Polish jazz singer Dorota Miśkiewicz and Cape Verdian multi-instrumentalist & singer Miroca Paris present: Caminho para Evora.

Over 10 years ago Dorota Miśkiewicz recorded the warm duet Um Pincelada‘ with the one and only Cesaria Evora. The song spread like a wild fire and, fueling a growing interest of the Polish vocalist in sounds from Brazil and the African continent.
At that time Miroca Paris was touring the world non-stop as innovative percussionist with the ‘Barefoot Diva’.

Since then, Miśkiewicz released ‘Caminho’ plus four more albums and collaborated with fabulous jazz artists, such as Nigel Kennedy, David Murray, Louis Winsberg, Kepa Junkera, Tomasz Stanko. In 2016 she authored the all-star project PIANO.PL, including the Atom String Quartet, voted Live Album Of The Year in Poland.

After Evora’s passing Miroca Paris added his high level musicianship and creativity to countless projects, ranging from Zizi Possi, Sara Tavares, to his uncle Tito Paris. All this build up to the kick-off of his own career as singer and guitarist. Last November he released his album D’alma (soul), debuting at WOMAD festival and selling out shows from Russia to The Netherlands.