Esdras Nogueira

Based in: Brasilia – Quentet 4 on stage, 5 on the road
Highlights 2018: Russian tour incl World Cup, MAPAS Official showcase – Canarias.

Hermeto Pascoal – “I listened to it, it’s great. I was happy with his interpretation of the music. The songs are different but without losing their essence. Esdras is off to a great start and will go far”.

Esdras Nogueira is a saxophone player, musical producer, and cook, with three solo albums to his name.
In recent years, Esdras Nogueira has established himself as one of the great names in Brazilian instrumental music. Equipped with his baritone saxophone, Esdras Nogueira’s flawless solo career values instrumental music that is very much Brazilian, with influences from carimbó, jazz, salsa, samba, and afrobeat.
Brazil knows the musician because of Móveis Coloniais de Acaju, the ska-influenced band that announced a break for an undetermined amount of time in 2016 and that made history in Brazilian stages during 18 years.

His solo career began with the release of Capivara in 2014.
The debut album was a tribute to the master Hermeto Pascoal, where Esdras dared to interpret the master’s compositions and was complimented for it.

Performance highlights 2018
Russia: including in Moscow during the World Cup at the Casa Brasil Experience.
Spain: 3 Barcelona venues (Artte, Guzzo and Soda Acustic). Official showcase at MAPAS.
: renowned Casa da Música Porto and Musicbox Lisboa.

Esdras Nogueira Quinteto Ao Vivo (2017), NaBarriguda (2016), and Capivara (2014).

In 2017, the Esdras Nogueira Quintet toured Brazil extensively. From the tour came his third album, a live one entitled Esdras Nogueira Quinteto ao vivo.

Official website:  – YouTube
Photo credits: Black and white by Celio Maciel,