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At Kōkako Music we combine our experience, knowledge, creativity, vision and world wide network for the best results. By blending music industry know-how with a background in (ethno)musicology, we bring the best of both worlds together to optimize our services.
Please get in touch for more info about our services*.

Music & culture Programming – artistic director or guest curator for events, festivals and series, creating a line-up specific to your theme and budget.
Consulting – advising, mentoring and connecting, for NGO’s, collectives, government institutions and serious artists.
Speaker for lectures, presentations, panel moderator, workshops – Offering insightful, current and fun context to music programs. Discussing relevant industry subjects.

Artists management and developmentbuilding flourishing careers by applying custom strategies with talented, hard working artists.
Booking Agency* – international bookings and tour production
Publicity – we offer custom publicity packages, targeting specific media in the Benelux to fit your album release or tour. Compact & engaging

*We’re a boutique agency that focuses on sustainable collaborations and professional artists who are invested in pushing their careers. We’re currently not adding new artists to our roster, unless it’s a clear opportunities with a framework of an existing team.


lectures, presentations, panel speaker and moderator, workshops

Kokako Music’s founder Miriam Brenner is a published ethnomusicologist who regularly represents lectures at Universities, museums, speaks on panels at international conferences and provides introductions to live concerts. It’s a great opportunity to connect with audiences by sharing stories, insight, fun facts, video’s and music so they can relate better to the topic. Miriam always includes current developments and customizes presentations to your audience.
Please get in touch for specific events, topics and availability.

Miriam is available for presentations and workshops on:
– Borneo and Sulawesi Indonesia, Korea, Tuva, Central Asia and Mongolia, Cabo Verde and more.
–  Thematically: general world music 101, field research, music evolution, indigenous music and recent developments

Guest lecture on Ancient and New Korean Music, From Shaman to Soviet in Central Asian Music, Kriol Music from Cabo Verde in global perspective
Presented at ea: Conservatory Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, Theaters Tilburg, RASA Performing Arts Venue.

– Festival Programming, approached from artistic, financial and aesthetic perspectives
– Programming World Music in changing urban environments: diversity city-wide
– Engaging with audiences through music Experience, context programming
– Woman and Equality within the music industry
– Live & electronic, urban global music
– Artist Essentials: getting and nailing showcase opportunities

Moscow Music Week (moderator), Tallinn Music Week Estonia (moderator), APAMM Korea, Lisbon Music International, Babel Med Marseille by Mundial Montreal, Monkey Week Sevilla, AME Cabo Verde, WOMEX presenter, WOMEX Jury 2013.