Dr. Jordan Institute

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world
of Dr. Jordan Institute!

The Dr. Jordan Institute is bursting with ideas and delivers a fascinating debut album – NCR leading Dutch newspaper

From funky acid to Goethe and Orisha Voodoo, vocal gymnastics, spoken word and Caribbean grooves:
A combustion of classically trained vocalist lyricist Nicole Jordan from Trinidad & Tobago via Canada, Amsterdam guitarist Mark Tuinstra and veteran drummer Stefan Kruger.  
All ingredients come naturally to Dr. Jordan Institute. Explore it all on their debut album Jab Jab (March 2019) embodying a gritty yet refined style in its own! 
Expect the unexpected SOON in an art gallery, underground party or outdoor extravaganza near you! 

Official SPOTLIGHT Artist 2019
by Dutch World Music Forum

Dr Jordan Institute – 5 live on stage
Nicole Jordan – vocals | Mark Tuinstra – guitar | Stefan Kruger – drums
Sean Fasciani – bass | Shana Bossmann – keys

Performance Highlights 2019
Amsterdam Roots Festival | New Orleans Festival Utrecht | Sniester Festival The Hague | Bimhuis Amsterdam | Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam