Conjunto Angola 70

Based in: Luanda, Angola. Line-up: 7 on stage, 9 on tour

Project initiated by Analog Africa founder Samy Ben Redjeb, Mano e Mano Producaos and tour organization by RASA Utrecht.
Continued by Mano and Mano Producaos and Kokako Music.

Highly treasured by some and all but forgotten by many, the 70s music of Luanda is about to be reborn across Europe. A group of legendary musicians who, among others, spearheaded the revolution of the Angolan sound have come together under the name “Conjunto Angola 70”.

During the 1970s, Angola’s capital Luanda was one of the most vibrant hotspots of the pan-African music movement. Traditional rhythms from Luanda’s islands, psychedelic guitar riffs from neighboring Congo, Latin grooves, old-school Caribbean merengue and the groovy beats of the Angolan carnival bands blended together to create the powerful, rich and emotional modern music of Angola.

The repertoire of Conjunto Angola 70 is based on the compilation Angola Soundtrack released on the Analog Africa record label, highly acclaimed by international press.

The original anchor of Conjunto Angola 70, Os Bongos’ Boto Trindade, mobilized some of his still-active comrades from the 1970s who join him in the mission to recreate the lost sound of Luanda. With Boto’s essential backing, the core of the band has taken shape: Joãozinho Margado (percussion), Teddy N’Singui (guitar), considered by many as the best lead guitarist in the country, Raúl Tolingas (dikanza) and José Antonio Janota (lead vocals). The rhythmic backbone of the group consists of Angolan legends Chico Montenegro (vocals & bongos), Carlitos Timótio (bass) and Dulcio Trindade (rhythm guitar).

Performance highlights

7 June RASA, Utrecht (NL)
9 June Clandestino Festival, Goteborg (SE)
10 June Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)
14 June Rio Loco, Toulouse (FR)
17 June Respect, Prague (CR)
23 June Afro Latino Festival, Bree (BE)
27 June Timitar Festival, Agadir (MA)
6 July Rudolstadt Festival, Rudolstadt (GE)
7 July Hertme Afrika Festival, Hertme (NL)
8 July Roskilde Festival, Roskilde (DE)

Previous European tour 2011:
26 Oct 2011 Womex Opening Night @ Club Global, Copenhagen (DE)
31 Oct 2011 Theatre Oosterpoort, Groningen (NL)
2 Nov  2011 Doornroosje – Music Meeting festival club night, Nijmegen (NL)
4 Nov 2011 Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen (BE)
5 Nov 2011 RASA, Utrecht (NL)
6 Nov 2011 Tropentheater, Amsterdam (NL)